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Afro European Sisters Network (AESN)

The Afro European Sisters Network (AESN) is a network for black women in and outside of Europe. Founded in 2006 by Sandra Rafaela and co founded the Women of the African Diaspora (WAD) network in 2008.

Together with WAD the AESN works towards more visibility on the internet for black women in general. Besides our focus on black women we also work together with other women networks around the World.



Why the focus on black women?

As the visibility of black women in Europe is not really present, it’s our goal to create a bridge from black women outside of Europe to black women in Europe, and of course within Europe itself. Networking on business level, or on personal level on subjects like hair, make up, fashion, art, authors, community, spiritually and more which is often experienced as not present for this specific group of women.​ 

The AESN does not discriminate on base of race, we believe in networking for the benefit of all women, but as main focus the visibility of black women on the internet.

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